Gunn-Worn Traveller Vest

  • For the avid outdoorsman or all weather adventurer, the GUNN-WORN TRAVELLER VEST is built using Kakadu's traditional 12oz oilskin for bad weather protection and features 18 multipurpose pockets to ensure that you've always got the right tools on hand. It sports 9 front patch pockets, 2 front zipper storage pockets, 2 side entry welt pockets, 2 internal security pockets, last of all are the 2 internal Gunn Worn Concealed Carry Internal System (CCIS) holster pockets that are built in for your protection. Features brass zip closure and cowhide trim.

    *Anti-imprint pads are not required as the 13 external front pockets distort any imprinting.

  • Size Guide: XS-5XL
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  • Outer: 12oz MicroWax Oilcloth 100% Cotton
    Lining: 100% Cotton
    Trim: Genuine Leather
    Reinforcement Lining: 100% Nylon
    Concealment Pad: Neoprene

    Understanding MicroWax
    Products made using our MicroWax cloth are as tough as they come - water-repellent, abrasion-resistant & breathable.  The breathability arises from the fabric's crystalline structure which varies and aligns with an increase of body heat, thereby allowing sweat in the form of water vapour to escape.

    Hose off, hang to dry
    DO NOT machine wash
    DO NOT dry clean
    Oilcloth garments should be reproofed every 2-3 years depending on wear, using Kakadu's MicroWax Reproofing Cream

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