Gun Compatibility

Click the images below to see the Gunn Worn CCIS in action!





Hand Guns that will fit the jacket and vest holster system include

Walthers: models PPQ/PPK/PPS/PPX
Sig-Sauers: models P238/P239/P250/P938
Rugers: model LCR/SP
Beretta: model Nano
Glocks: compacts
Sig-sauer: model P238 is top
Glock: model 17 & 42
M&P: Shield
Ruger: model LCP / SR9C / LCR
Beretta: Nano
Nighthawk: model Ladyhawk
Smith & Wesson: hammerless J frame in 38 & 357 cal.
Glock: 19, all Glocks have A place on list
Springfield: XDS close at # 2 all types
Smith & Wesson: M & P compact
Kahr PM9
Bersa: BP9
Sig-Sauer: many models
M&P: Shield
Walters: all models
H&K: P2000 SK
Kel-Tec: P3AT
Hi-Point: 1911
Colt: commanders
Taurus: 605


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